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The Everest Region in the Solu Khumbu district of Nepal is a highly popular destination for trekking enthusiasts and adventure seekers. It is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and the opportunity to explore the majestic Mt. Everest, the highest peak in the world, standing at 8,848 meters. The region is also home to other notable peaks like Lhotse (8,516m) and Makalu (8,467m). Trekking in this area offers a chance to witness the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas and immerse oneself in the Sherpa culture.

Everest Trekking is always dream for everyone to put their footsteps on the bottom of Mt Everest Base and explore wonderful landscape of this planet. Everest Trekking region is known as the most popular destination among high alpine travelers. Everest Trekking area generally coves upper part of Solu Khumbu district which is renewed homeland of indigenous Sherpa people together home for Yak and mysterious Yeti.

Mt. Everest, or Sagarmatha as the Nepalese call it, rises 8,848 meters into the sky. The hike to the base camp attracts trekkers from all over the globe. Eco-Trek runs 3 versions of treks in the Everest region with many possibilities to add extra days to your trip. All the treks described start and end in the closest airstrip to Everest in the town of Lukla. If you are looking for a much longer trek in this region we can start treks in the town of Jiri which is 5 days away from Lukla.

Mt Everest is standing as the World’s highest peak and the splendor Himalayan dream for many trekkers to see it once. Trekking to this region is probably wonderful reward of life for everyone to witness Mount Everest and also the 4th & 5th highest peaks- Lhotse at 8516m., Makalu 8467m, and other giant snow clad peaks of around on the roof of the World. Trekking to the highly praised trekking route through the Dudh Koshi valley to its source the Gokyo Lake which is to the west of the Everest Base Camp, giving you the chance to summit Gokyo Ri Peak (5483m) and offering a magnificent panoramic views of whole region. Together Kalpatthar (5545m) ascent offers one of the best Everest view in the world.

The trekking routes in the Everest Region are diverse, catering to different preferences and time constraints. Most treks start and end in Lukla, the closest airstrip to Everest, while some longer treks begin in Jiri, which is five days away from Lukla. There are several options available for trekkers, each offering unique experiences and stunning views.

One popular trek is the Everest Base Camp Trek, which takes approximately 13 days to complete. This trek allows trekkers to reach the base camp of Mt. Everest and offers a spectacular view of the mountain from Kala Patthar (5,545m). The route passes through the Dudh Koshi valley, providing an opportunity to explore the Gokyo Lakes and summit Gokyo Ri Peak (5,483m). The panoramic views of the entire region from Gokyo Ri and Kalapatthar are truly unforgettable.

For those seeking a longer and more challenging trek, the Everest & Three Passes Trek is a popular choice. This trek takes trekkers on a counterclockwise route through the Renjo-La, Cho-La, and Kongma-La passes, offering breathtaking views and an adventurous experience.

Other treks in the Everest Region include the Three Pass with EBC Trek, Namche and Tengboche Trek, Renjo La Pass Trek, Gokyo & Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Panorama Trek for Families, Horse Riding Trek to Everest Base Camp, Mani Rimdu Festival Trek, Meditational Trek to Buddhist Sacred Sites Trail of Khumbu Region, Jiri to Everest Base Camp Trek, Everest Luxury Lodge Trek, and Everest Short Trek. Each trek provides its own unique highlights and experiences.

The stunning natural beauty and exhilarating trekking experiences, the Everest Region is known for its Sherpa culture. The indigenous Sherpa people are the main inhabitants of the region and offer a warm welcome to visitors. Exploring the Sherpa villages and monasteries along the trekking routes provides insight into their unique way of life and their close connection with the mountains.

Trekking in the Everest Region is a dream come true for many adventurers. Whether it's reaching the base camp of Mt. Everest, crossing high passes, or enjoying the serene beauty of the Gokyo Lakes, this region offers an unforgettable experience filled with natural wonders, cultural immersion, and a sense of accomplishment.

Everest Region Trekking

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