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Responsible Travel

Tourism is one of the world’s fastest growing industry and it is vast field involving different subject wise which impacts mobilization of people from all over the world. Generally people are traveling one place another for pleasure holiday which gives opportunity to experience cultures that are vast different than their own. However with the wondrous joy of travel comes the responsibility of ensuring that we do not adversely affect those countries that we visit and spend our time. As we being responsible travelers we seriously need to respect and follow code and conduct of responsible tourism.

There are so many different factors and reasons which may impact either directly or indirectly- Tourism is essential for many issues, due to the income produced by utilization of goods and services by travelers, the taxes levied on businesses in the tourism industry, and the opportunity for employment in the service industries associated with tourism.

Ecological environment Impact:  Eco Trek Nepal conducts all treks, tours and other outdoor adventure related activities by avoiding any natural and social ecological disturbance. We are seriously committed to an active participation in national and local Environmental Initiatives which helps whole world to explore and one Earth to preserve.

Socio-cultural responsibility: Eco Trek Nepal always aware to operate trekking, tours and other activities in eco- touristic destination and responsible to preserve natural and cultural heritages. In every trip we are actively keen to promote and implement this philosophy whenever an opportunity presents.

Sustainable Policy and performance: Eco Trek Nepal‘s staffs and guides are employed from local community which helps ensuring a more authentic experience for travelers, as well as sensitivity to local customs and culture. We are committed on providing services best available and make no compromise when it comes to guest’s preferences. Apart from the conventional promotional campaigns, we take pride in our return connection that comes through word of mouth.

Economic Responsibility: Eco Trek Nepal always aware on making extensive use of the local available products and enhance maximum economic benefits to the local communities. In addition, we support rural development projects by contributing from our profit thereby, have directly uplifted the living standard of the local livelihoods. Besides we are always giving priority to locals for employment opportunities.

Welfare and Protection: Eco Trek Nepal believes that guides, porters, cooks, Sherpas and other crew team are the backbone of organization. Without support of them, we would not be able to serve our guests. Therefore we are responsible to provide the necessary protections-Insurance, good salary, rescue evacuation and proper needy outdoor gear which ensure and makes happy to serve them our guests to get quality service that they expect.

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